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Video Poker - Type Of Games

There are a number of different Video Poker game-variants available, with some games opting to stick to using conventional game rules - where players are able to play one hand at a time, for example - while others push the boundaries and allow up to 100 hands to be played at any one time!

Regardless of your personal preferences as a player, one thing is clear; there exists a tremendous amount of choice, and it can often be overwhelming choosing a game, with players often not knowing which versions to play, and which ones to avoid.

In this post, we're going to look at some of the different Video Poker variations available, so sit tight, and let's get to it!

Multi-Hand Video Poker - You're probably already familiar with the concept of Video Poker… and multi-hand versions of the game are, as you'd expect, designed to give you more action, every time you play!

Typical Video Poker multi variants will offer a few different types, including single hand, 3-hand, 5-hand, 10-hand, 20-hand, 50-hand, and then in certain cases, even 100 hands!

The benefits of these different multi-hand games, is that it allows players to - essentially - speed up their game by up to 100 times, massively increasing the chances of hitting one of the machines jackpots, or even just a high paying hand, like a straight or royal flush.

However, that shouldn't go without remembering that, due to playing more than one hand, the individual stake wagered on each game will be spread across multiple hands, thus lowering the stake per hand.

Progressive Video Poker - Another incredibly popular form of Video Poker is the progressive jackpots, and these work much in the same way a video slots progressive does.

The jackpots on offer are often pooled together, with multiple online casinos sharing the top jackpot amount. This is then awarded either in full or in part to the lucky player who manages to make a Royal Flush - usually of which is required to be in a specific suit.

Many Video Poker games choose, instead, to use a standalone machine jackpot, which is essentially a jackpot that can only be won by the player playing that specific machine.

Regardless of which type of game you opt to play, remember to have fun, and browse through the choice available!

And on a final note: remember that machines usually reward players playing on the maximum coin bet value!

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