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Top 10 Roulette Tips

Roulette is one of the world’s most popular and well-loved Casino games, and millions of player’s place bets on the red and black wheel each week.

To make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance of winning when you play, it’s important you follow the following tips to ensure your gaming experience is in YOUR favour, and not the casinos.

Tip 1 – European or French Roulette ONLY!

American Roulette and other variations can appear fun at first sight, but they contain a far higher house-edge (meaning the Casino win more money from you) and should be avoided at all costs.

Try to play European or French Roulette when you can, as these games offer better odds and give significantly better returns on investment when played over the long-run.

Tip 2 – Stay Away From Systems

The martingale, the ‘doubling’ system… whatever you want to call them, you may well have been told there are ways to ‘beat the casinos’ and win at Roulette consistently.

These rumours are NOT TRUE.

The casinos wouldn’t be in business if they were, and you’re just setting yourself up to lose money when you play them, so stay away at all costs!

Tip 3 – Bet Correct

In general, you should stay away from betting straight-up on numbers, instead, focusing on even-money bets, like red or black, odd or even, or high or low.

Tip 4 – Stay Away From Side Bets

While ‘fun’ versions of Roulette can be tempting, know that these variations are there to take your money, and the casinos rely on players wasting money on silly side bets to line their pockets.

Tip 5 – Choose The Right Table

Roulette tables all have their own limits online, and this dictates the amount you’ll be able to bet each spin.

If, for instance, you know you don’t want to be betting more than £5 per spin, don’t choose a table that’s £5 minimum, and £100 maximum – instead, find a table that’s £5 maximum (or as close to it as can be), as this will help control your gaming experience and ensure you don’t lose control if you hit losing streaks.

Tip 6 – Take Your Time

Online, it’s easy to quickly press ‘respin’ – in fact, you can spin multiple times each minute if you set quick-mode on.

To stop this from happening (and preserve your balance), try to take time between each spin to revaluate your financial position, and if possible, start a new game board each time so you have a couple of minutes between spins.

Tip 7 – Don’t Believe A Number HAS TO Come In

Many gamblers have lost hundreds of thousands of pounds believing that – just because it hasn’t yet – a number or colour must drop soon.

Remember, each time the Roulette wheel is spun, it’s a brand-new game, and previous results do NOT matter.

Tip 8 – Know The Game

This should go without saying really, but it’s important you have a thorough understand of how Roulette works… how bets can be placed… and how your bets are paid, before you start gaming.

This ensures you know what you’re doing, and prevents against any nasty surprises.

Tip 9 – Save Your Winnings

When you start to win, don’t just bet it all again – start putting some aside, and playing with your remaining ‘pot’. Set yourself stop-losses, so you know when to walk away after you’ve won – many gamblers say 10% is a good number, so if you won £100, you would continue, but after losing £10 would walk away.

Tip 10 – Have Fun

Roulette is there to be enjoyed – what’s the point of playing if you’re not enjoying it?

Always play to have fun, involve your mates, and have a good time. Remember, it’s not meant to be seen as a way to make money, and you should not look at it as such.

Enjoy your Roulette experience, and hope Lady Luck’s on your side!

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