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Slot Machine - Pros & Cons

Truth be told, there are quite a number of both pros and cons to playing video slots, and in this article, we are going to look at both sides of the coin so that you can make an informed decision on whether video slots are right for you.

Pros Of Playing Video Slots

One of the biggest attractions of playing slots is by far, the wins that they can offer, and unlike casino table games which typically limits you to a maximum -50X your stake, video slots can pay well into the hundreds, and even thousands of times your wager, with potentially more, if playing a jackpot slot!

This luxury of course does come at a cost, and you will find yourself winning less regularly than where you playing – for example – a table game like blackjack.

For some players though, fewer wins are well worth it, as the big wins can – on a lucky day – outshine even the best table game sessions in history.

Another great thing about the video slots is that they offer something a little different – each spin is unique, and thanks to the inclusion of a number of bonus rounds and features found within most slots games today, there exists a number of different exciting in-game features to look forward to, including free spins, and more!

Cons Of Playing Video Slots

Probably the biggest downside to slots is their volatility, and it is quite feasible that you could go 20 or even 30 spins without getting a single win… and potentially even longer, if you’re playing one of the higher-variance games on offer!

For players used games like blackjack, which generally offer a win every couple of hands, this can be quite a shock, and may render the typically offer a higher house edge than table games, which means that over the long run, the casino is generally going to make more money from a slot with a table game.

That's why, if you do choose to play a video slot, it is worth choosing one that features a payout percentage of at least 95%; anything less than that, and the game is just a cash generator for the casino, so always be aware, and read the game rules before you begin playing.

That's just a few of the pros and cons of slots – remember, at the end of the day gambling is meant to be fun, so make sure you treat it as such, and just go and have a loss.

Unsuitable for the players who enjoy regular, consistent wins.

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