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Roulette Tips

Roulette, by far, is one of the most popular casino games ever created (tied with Blackjack), and millions of players around the world choose to try and ‘beat the wheel’ each week.

Some succeed… some lose…

And some win fortunes…

The main thing, is that you’re playing the game correctly, and aren’t making any rash bets. In this post, you’ll discover some of the most effective Roulette tips, to help ensure more of your Roulette sessions, become winning sessions!

Tip #1 – Play The Right Type

One of the most important things you should be aware of before starting a game of roulette, is that there are significant differences between the different types of game available.

Dependent on which game you play will directly influence your odds of beating the game, and it is important that you find the most suitable roulette table for you.

American Roulette, should, generally be avoided; this is because the wheel features both a singular zero, and a 00, increasing the casino’s edge by over 5%!

If you are planning on sticking mainly to even money bets (colours, odds and evens, and high and low numbers), you should always play a French roulette table, if it is available. That is because French roulette returns half of your stake if zero drops when you are backing a colour, a feature which no other roulette variation is able to match.

European Roulette is virtually the same as French roulette, but it does not return half your stake if zero drops when you cover a colour.

Think carefully about what type of bets you plan on placing, and choose your Roulette game accordingly.

Tip #2 – Know The Rules

This may sound basic, and almost patronising, but you would be amazed how many players step up to a roulette table, either in a casino or online without knowing any of the rules.

It’s important that you understand how the game works, what the payouts are, and what type of bets you should and shouldn’t place.

A brief rundown of the payouts are as follows:

When betting on straight up numbers – that is, placing a chip on a singular number from 0 to 36, your bet will be paid at 35/1 if your number drops.

Betting on a colour, odds and evens, and high or low numbers returns an even money payout.

Betting on the columns or rows pays 2/1.

Those are most likely the only bets you will ever place on Roulette – there are certain neighbour and sectional bets available, but these still only place your chips directly on singular numbers and their nearest counterparts, so it’s not worth worrying about too much.

Tip #3 – Know Your Limits

Casinos rely on greed to fuel their business. Truth be told, most of their casino games don’t boast a particularly large house edge; when played correctly.

This means that it’s not actually that hard to win money – how the casino make money, is when players become greedy and don’t walk away with their winnings.

Similarly, many players don’t know when to stop. Setting yourself limits – ones that you actually stick to – is vital to the successful playing of roulette. The last thing you want to do is to lose more money than you can afford, and as long as you play within your financial means, Roulette is a safe, fun, and often profitable environment you to enjoy.

Tip #4 – Stay Away From Novelty Bets

New roulette variations are released every day, and while these variations typically minute European Roulette in terms of betting and structure, many of them offer side bets or additional bonus bets for players to wager on.

These bets can include betting on an additional part of the wheel – typically some sort of bonus jackpot – and even betting on predicting the colour and section of the wheel a certain number will be.

Understand one thing; these side bets are there to take your money – that is the only reason.

It is fine to have a little go on them every once in a while, but if you play these bets over the long run, you will lose money, and it is the casino’s attempt to try to get you away from playing the roulette board itself (which can amount big wins if you are lucky), instead of getting you to play bets that very rarely payout will stop.

Those are just a few very basic tips to help get you started but most of all just make sure that you have fun.

Click here to begin playing French Roulette right away, and try your hand at one of the most enjoyable games ever made.

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