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Trey Poker

Trey Poker Table Game Review

Trey poker is a fairly new form of online poker (with very similar ties to 3 Card Poker), and players around the world are slowly beginning to start to enjoy this previously unheard of game.

As more casinos begin to offer it, it’s starting to show that this is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ game for players, largely in part to the large wins available from the bonus bets.

In short, Trey poker is basically two games in one. Pair-Up, and the Ante/Play bet. Played with one deck of cards, there are a number of exciting betting options for you to explore, and of course – the winnings are just as tasty.

How To Play

As soon as you have placed your stake, you will be dealt three cards. The dealer is also dealt three cards, and your hand does up against his, with the best conventional poker hand winning.

That might sound fairly straightforward – and it really is – but the amount of money you win depends on the type of hand you have.

The Ante/Play bet is the main stake, and this is the big box you’ll see when you first join the game.

There’s also what is called the Pair-Up bet, which is where you can basically wager money on you getting a pair in your hand.

What’s really interesting is that while you can play this game alongside the Ante/Play bet, or you can simply choose to play the Pair-Up game on its own, meaning you don’t have to stake anything on the Ante/Play bet to begin playing.

Generally, this isn’t a good idea as you will only win back your money when you hit a pair, and if you get a straight, Flash, or higher, you are going to end up feeling fairly disappointed that you didn’t play the main bet.

How To Bet

Getting started is really simple, and all you need to do is place your bet by choosing the chip denomination as you wish to play and putting them in the Ante/Play box.

Once you’ve selected and confirmed the stake at which you want to wager, simply click the deal button, and the game begins.

After you’ve received your three cards, if you like the look of them, you can choose to play – this requires you to wager equal your original stake again, which is done by placing it in the same box as your main Ante bet.

However, if you don’t like your hand, and don’t think you stand a good chance of winning, you can simply press fold. While you will lose your anti-bet, you will not lose any more money.


The payouts on Trey Poker largely depend on the type of bet you choose to play.

For the Ante/Play bets, you’ll be paid out at 1/1, with 3-of-a-kind paying out 3/1, and a straight flush paying out 5/1.

If the dealer does not qualify (He needs queen-high or better), your ‘Play’ bet will be returned, and you will win even money on the Ante bet.

The Pair-Up bet is where the real money is to be found, and while a pair or flush combination will only pay 1/1 and 3/1 respectively, the payouts increase a lot after this point.

A regular straight pays 5/1, 3-of-a-kind pays 40/1, and a straight flush pays 50/1.

If you are lucky enough to hit a Royal flush (that is, Queen, King, Ace, all of the same suit), you will be paid out at a whopping 100/1.

It’s a really easy game to pick up, and it offers a nice alternative from the somewhat boring Three Card Poker game you may already be familiar with.

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