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Spanish Blackjack

Spanish Blackjack Table Game Review

Blackjack… a game we all know… many of us love… and most of us hate… at times…

But let’s be honest..

When you’re running good, and pulling out great cards, there’s no greater feeling than stacking those chips and watching your balance grow exponentially!

That’s why it’s always fun to try out new variations of the game, and Spanish Blackjack is certainly no exception to the rule.

In fact, Spanish Blackjack isn’t all that different from the types you’re probably familiar with…

But what IS really interesting (and kind of putting for new players), is the fact that there are no ‘10s’ in the deck.

Yep… you heard right…

The traditional 52-card-deck we’ve grown to love is 4 members short!

There are no tens!

OK, so this might sound a little weird… but it does have reason behind the apparent madness. More on that in a moment, but first let’s look at How To Play the game.

Placing Bets And How To Play

Spanish Blackjack plays out in the same way regular Blackjack variations do. Simply choose your stake, place the chips in the box you want to bet within, and press deal… you’re ready to go!

You will get two cards dealt, and the dealer will deal two cards of his own, once face up, one face down. He will then ‘peek’ to check if he has Blackjack – if he does, and you don’t, you lose.

After that, it’s up to you to make your decision. You can choose to split your hand if you have a pair, double-down if you’re feeling confident the next card will be beneficial to you, or, you can opt just to take a card, otherwise known as hitting.

If you go over 21, you bust, and lose.

Alternatively, if the first two cards dealt are sufficient for your needs, you can just ‘stand’, and the dealer will then proceed to turn his second card over, and either stick if he’s above 17, or continue to take cards if he’s under, until he either reaches 17 and above, or until he goes higher than 21, thus busting and resulting in you winning.

Spanish Blackjack; What’s Different?

First of all, the game is played with 6-8 decks. This won’t be noticeable while playing online, but if you were playing in a casino, you’d have to endure slightly longer waiting times between shuffles.

The dealer must hit on 16, and stick on all 17’s; that may or may not be familiar with you, dependant on whether you’re used to playing American Blackjack or European Blackjack.

What’s really cool, is that Blackjack – the hand itself, consisting of an ace and a picture card, wins automatically, even if the dealer goes onto get Blackjack himself.

There is also an insurance feature, which interestingly, offers the same odds as regular Blackjack, even though there are four less picture cards to the dealer to make Blackjack with. That said, the house edge for the insurance bet is still a staggering 24.7%, something you generally want to stay well clear of.

Hitting, standing, and splitting is near-identical to regular Blackjack, with the added bonus that doubling after splitting is allowed.

You Can also draw as many new cards as you wish after you split aces, meaning long-gone are the days when you eagerly split a pair of aces against the dealers lone 6, only to recoil in horror when you see a 2 and a 3 pulled out, leading your incredibly vulnerable to a dealer ‘attack’!

You can split a maximum of four hands, which does include re-splitting aces.

Another unique feature you may not be familiar with, is the late-surrender bet. So long as the dealer doesn’t have Blackjack (this will be checked when his two cards are dealt), you will be able to reclaim half your stake, in return for the hand ending there and then.

You may also late-late surrender, after doubling down, which is a really cool addition you’ll likely never have seen before.

You – as a player – may also double down on any numeric total, and any number of cards, meaning theoretically, if your first two cards were 2, and 2, and you pulled another 2, and then a 5, to giving you 11, you could STILL double down!


Spanish Blackjack always favours the player in terms of hitting Blackjack itself.

Even if the dealer gets the same hand – 21 – you will still win, and be paid accordingly.

Your regular Blackjack bet is paid out at 1/1, known normally as even money, but there’s a few more unique twists to be aware of.

First, if you manage to make 21 using 5 cards, your main wager bet is paid out at 3/2. If you manage to make a 21 score using six cards, your wager is paid out at 2/1…

And if you somehow manage to get a 7-card 21, you will get 3/1 on your wager.

Another small bonus; if you manage to make a 21 using 6-7-8, or 7-7-7 – of mixed suits – your wager will be paid at 3/1. If these two sequences are suited, you’ll get 2/1, and if they’re all of spades, you’ll get 3/1. Pretty low odds when looking at the probability, but a bonus nonetheless.

AS you can see, there’s a LOT of chances to win, and although you lose a small bit of edge with the removal of the 10’s from the deck, you still have the other payout increases to thank, which can easily turn mediocre wins, into slightly bigger mediocre wins!

Check out Spanish Blackjack today, and see if the raging bull can come to your aid!

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