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Single Desk Blackjack

Single Desk Blackjack Table Game Review

Single Desk Blackjack is any old-school gambler will tell you is ‘the original’ of card games, and was the most popular style up until the late 70’s/80’s.

Single Desk Blackjack, as the name suggests, is played with just one deck, and this gives you – the player – a HUGE advantage, as it allows you to effectively card count, increasing your odds and reducing that of the casino’s.

While this article is not going to go into great levels of depth about card counting, essentially card counting revolves around using information about the cards which have already been dealt to determine the probability of the next card to come out.

A common misconception about card counting is that it provides a 100% accuracy rate – this is simply not true, and card counting is designed to increase the players edge gradually so that over time it becomes higher than the casino, ensuring that longer sessions typically amount to wins.

Card counting is by no means a get rich quick scheme, but a bit of practice and hard work, and Single Desk Blackjack could be the only casino game you ever find yourself playing again!


The first notable difference in Single Desk Blackjack as opposed to regular Blackjack, is that Blackjack itself pays 6:5, instead of 3:2. This may not sound a lot, but added up it does contribute… although the greater odds of you winning more than make up for this small dip.

While the Blackjack payout is generally the only industry-accepted rule, many online casinos will choose to put their own rules in place, including ties meaning you lose your stake, and even the dealer ‘busting’ on 22 being called a ‘push’ with your bet.

This is why it’s so important you check the casino you’re playing with before you game, so you’re fully-aware what the specific rules are on your table.

How To Play

Single Desk Blackjack plays out exactly the same as the regular version. Simply choose the amount you wish to stake, click the chips in the betting box until the amount is correct, and press ‘deal’.

Your two cards will then be dealt, and you have the decision whether to stand, hit, split, or double!


The payouts for the game itself don’t differ, with a 1:1 win being awarded when you beat the dealer.

As mentioned, the payout for Blackjack itself is 6:5, which CAN change between casinos, but in general, that’s the best Blackjack % you’ll see.

So if you’re looking for something a little bit different, or perhaps to recreate a loss Vegas 1960s themed casino in your house, go and check out a Single Desk Blackjack variation game today, and save yourself how exciting this game really can be.

Bet soft are the recommended provider, and their Single Desk Blackjack variation is made incredibly well and offers players like you an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience at all times.

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