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Ride'm Poker

Ride'm Poker Table Game Review

Ride’m Poker – not to be confused with the very similar ‘Let It Ride’ game, is a Poker-themed game, where you pitch your card handling skills (and your luck) against the casino.

Interestingly, you’re not actually playing against a dealer here – your hand is paid out dependant on the final ranking of it (by Poker hands), and there are no dealer cards.

Played with just one deck of cards, this little-known (yet highly-enjoyable) card game is simply a case of getting a good hand in order to win!

Game Objective & How To Play

To begin, you first need to place your chosen wager on one of the three betting areas you see on your screen. Don’t panic when you see all three boxes fill with chips – the amount you choose is spread out between the three boxes.

Once you click ‘deal’, you will receive three cards, and two community cards are dealt at the top of the screen, face down.

Your goal is now to make the best hand possible, using your three cards, and the two community cards.

Once the cards are dealt, you decide whether or not you want to continue ‘play’, or pull back your stake ‘pull-out’.

For example, if you had this hand:

  • Card #1 – 2
  • Card #2 – 5
  • Card #3 – 9

You would probably consider ‘pulling’, as you are unlikely to make a strong hand.

By ‘pulling out’, you can retrieve 2/3rds of your stake, by only playing the 1st box – basically, you can play with the intention of knowing that a poor hand won’t lose you all three boxes, just one.

However, if you had a Jack, Queen, and Ace instead, you would want to play, as that’s a very strong hand, and if it connects with the two community cards, you stand to make a lot of money!

Once you’ve done all three cards, the first community card will turn over, and the process repeats again – now you have more information, so can make a better-informed decision.

This continues until you’re left with a hand, and your hand is then ranked against the payable schedule to determine how much you are paid out.


The payouts are paid as soon as the game has finished. Some of the hands require you to use all 5 cards, while others simply require as little as one pair.

The payout details are shown below:

  • Royal Flush – 250/1
  • Straight Flush – 50/1
  • Four-of-a-kind – 25/1
  • Full House – 12/1
  • Flush – 10/1
  • Straight – 8/1
  • Three-of-a-kind – 3/1
  • Two pair – 2/1
  • One pair – 1/1

Note: One pair only applies to pairs of 10s or better – singular pairs below that do NOT count, and will not be paid out.

In general, it’s a little confusing, and the payouts seem a little low, especially considering the real-life odds of getting 4-of-a-kind are around 4,000!

That said, it offers much higher payouts that it’s popular counterparts Let it Ride, and 3 Card Poker, and with the ability to win a whipping 250/1 for the lucrative Royal Flush…

It’s a game you may well want to check out!

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