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Red Dog

Red Dog Table Game Review

Red Dog is quite different from any other card game you’ve probably played, and although it’s sometimes referred to as Red Dog Poker, there are some fundamental differences that separate it from falling into the ‘Poker’ category.

Red Dog is purely game of chance. You don’t play against anyone, and the cards you are dealt determines if you win or lose.

It’s also a really fast-paced game as there are only three cards involved, and this makes playing continually enjoyable and action packed!

How To Play

To begin with, the player places a bet on the table; the dealer then deals the player two cards face up, which are then ranked as per normal Poker rules.

The game can be played with one or more decks, and this largely depends on the casino you’re playing with. Upon the card being dealt, the player decides to either increase the bet or play with what they’ve been dealt. The two cards dealt initially have great importance in the outcome of the game and the profit the player makes.

The relationship of the two cards have an impact on the third card you may receive; If the two cards are consecutive in number, then the hand becomes a push and the player is given the wager amount back. This is, in other words, known as a ‘tie’.

If two of the SAME cards are dealt, or are of the same value, then a third card is dealt.

If the two cards are not equal or consecutive, it now gets a little more complex. This becomes what is known as a ‘spread’, and the spread is the value between the two cards distributed.

When the third card is dealt to the player, two things can happen. If the third card is ‘between’ the spread, that is, numerically between the values of the first two cards dealt, the player wins, and receives a payout, specified by the casino. If the third card is not between the two cards dealt initially, the player loses the bet.

Ways To Bet

Online versions of Red Dog have made the game more accessible than ever, and it allows you to place smaller/affordable bets, without busting your bankroll.

You can also enjoy a ‘demo mode’ of the game before you play for real money, ensuring you know what’s going on at all times!


The payouts depend on the ‘spread’, and you’ll find details of this below:

  • 1 card spread: Pays 5:1
  • 2 card spread: Pays 4:1
  • 3 card spread: Pays 2:1
  • 4+ card spread: Pays 1:1

If your first two cards dealt are of the same value, and the third card is, as well, you will be paid out at 11X your stake.

If both your cards are not the same, and the third card is different, you’ll only get the bet back.

It might sound a little complex at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a very fun, enjoyable, and amusing game to play, and with many online casinos offering variations, it’s definitely something you should consider checking out!

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