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Pirate 21

Pirate 21 Table Game Review

Pirate 21 is a very unique and exciting variation on Blackjack that allows you to gamble on three hand one time, whilst enjoying a very different experience than one you’re probably used to.

The main difference between Pirate and regular Pirate is that there are no tens in the deck – that might sound a little hard to get your head around, but as you’ll soon see, there are multiple editions that make up for the lack of space cards.

How To Play

Just like regular Blackjack, the object of Pirate is to get your hand is close to 21 as possible. If your hand is higher than the dealers without busting, you will win – and like regular Blackjack, if the dealer beats you, your wager will be forfeited and you lose.

Unlike traditional Blackjack, Pirate uses a slightly different deck of cards, which is known as a Spanish deck. All you need to do is simply select your stake, wait for your cards to be dealt and then play on as normal.

Just like regular Blackjack, you can double, split re-split aces, as well as some other differences she won’t find in a normal variation Blackjack that you discover below.

If you are lucky enough to pull an ace and a picture card is your first two cards, you will be awarded Blackjack just like the normal variety – however, what is really cool is that if your hand totals up to 21, without Blackjack, you will win regardless, no matter if the dealer manages to beat your hand or he gets Blackjack.


Whereas traditional Blackjack features a wager payout of 1:1, and Blackjack payout of 3/2, Pirate cooperates an incredibly exciting range of payout features that automatically applied to every bet you place – there is no need to play an optional side bet in order to qualify.

As you can see playing pirate can be a lot more profitable than regular Blackjack, but there are a few differences you need to be aware of.

Differences Between Pirate Blackjack And Normal Blackjack?

In general, the variations between the two games are positive for you – the player – and the first of this is made apparent to the fact that a player Blackjack always beats dealer Blackjack.

You are also allowed to double on any number of cards, so if you were given two, and three as your first two cards, and then managed to draw Essex, you can bend double in the hope of making 21.

You are allowed to double after splitting cards, and unlike regular Blackjack, you can split aces twice, as well is doubling after splitting aces – unheard of if you’ve ever played a traditional table.

There is also a unique feature called late surrender, and this allows you to give up half your stake after you have made a double, in order to enhance – this is very useful when you have a garbage hand you don’t think can win, and allows you to recuperate some of your stake, halving your loss.

The dealer must also hit a soft 17, the bear this in mind before playing.

Optional Side Bets

The most common Pirate side bet is called match the dealer, and this simply means that if either of your first two cards match those of the dealers, you will be paid out.

If either of your cards is the same value different suit, the bet pays for/1, and if it is suited, the bet pays 9/1.

Pirate is an incredibly exciting Blackjack variations you most definitely should try out if you’re a fan of card games – once you got your head round the weird idea behind the game, is really enjoyable, and the unique payout system allows you to accumulate fairly big wins which are typically hard to find regular variations of Blackjack.

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