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Hi Lo Switch

Hi Lo Switch Table Game Review

Hi Lo switch is a unique form of casino game that is generally only found in online casinos, due to its exclusive nature.

The general aim of the game is for you – the player – to predict whether a card will be higher or lower in value to the current cards shown. Essentially, you simply guess whether a card will be higher, or lower – simple, right?

However; the switch edition contains a unique feature, which allows you to switch the cards on the table around, giving you a level of protection in return for a small fee.

How To Play

When you are ready to start playing Hi Lo Switch, you will be required to place your wager in the betting box. When you’re happy to go, press the deal button.

The game now begins, and you will see three cards dealt out on the table in front of you. Each card contains two buttons, with a high button above, and a low button below. You simply need to choose one of the three cards dealt, and guess whether the next card will be higher or lower.

You will also see the switch button, which, when pressed, deals three brand-new cards, discarding the previous ones. This is a useful feature, for example when all of your cards are mid-range (7,8,9) and it’s just a case of guessing whether or not the next card will be higher or lower.

Note that you cannot continue to switch indefinitely, and you will only get two switches per hand, with more being awarded after every three successful predictions.

Game Rules

The playing cards in Hi Lo Switch are ranked using their face value, with the exception of the ace card. Aces are always low in Hi Lo Switch, effectively meaning they are worth one point.

Some casinos will also deem a tie to be a losing hand for the player, although this isn’t the case in every gaming room, so it’s worth checking this out before you begin playing.


The payouts differ dependent on the specific game situation, and the more risk there is in your pick, the more you will win.

For example, in this real-life example, a £10 wager has been placed, and the third card dealt is nine. If you choose predict the next card will be higher than nine, you will win £31.20, with the low bet paying £15.60.

That’s just one example, but as you can imagine, the more risk there is, the more you get paid.

Hi Lo Switch is a fundamentally easy game to play, and there’s no skill required in order to have a fun time.

While it’s not traditionally a game you’d play for hours on end, it can be a great time-killer, with chances to build your account balance in just a few seconds!

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