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French Roulette

French Roulette Table Game Review

French Roulette is one of the more popular variations of the classic ‘spinning wheel game’ in Europe, although it’s worth noting that it should not be confused with European Roulette – a slightly different game.

French Roulette is heavily based on the original Roulette game you’re probably already familiar with, and the gameplay and payout structure is identical – almost.

The main difference between French Roulette and other forms of Roulette is that if you are betting on even money bets, like colour bets or odds and even numbers, if zero drops, you will receive half your wager back.

In regular Roulette games, if zero was to drop you would lose your entire stake, so French Roulette has an immediate and obvious benefit over all of its counterparts.

How To Play

French Roulette is incredibly easy to play, and as you’re playing online, you don’t have to deal with the busy Roulette table or face nail-biting last-minute decisions. It all runs out in your time.

Simply select the chip denomination you wish to use, and cover the numbers or betting areas with these chips until you’re happy. When you’re comfortable, press the spin button and the wheel will begin to spin – that’s it – all that’s left now, is for you to wait and cross your fingers hoping for a big win.

Note: The actual gameplay of French Roulette can occasionally differ from versions you may be familiar with. This includes the way the wheel spins, the speed at which the ball drops, and even how the bets on the table are collected/paid out, so bear this in mind if you’re used to a certain type of game already!

Betting Options

As stated, French Roulette contains all of the bets you’d find on traditional Roulette tables, including straight up number betting on all of the numbers from 1 to 36, as well as the ability to bet on even money shots, thirds, and neighbour bets.

French Roulette does have one more little trick up its sleeve though – it actually allows you to bet on French specific sections of the wheel.

In reality these are no different from bets you can make on any other game, but as they are pre-set bets, you simply select the stake and the type of French bet you wish to play, and your chips will automatically be divided between the numbers that particular bet covers.


French Roulette pays out the same as all other Roulette types, with any straight up numbers paying out at 35/1, even-money shots paying 1/1, and third section bets paying out 2/1.

Remember, if you are betting purely on colours, and zero drops in, you receive half your stake back, so while it’s not ideal, it is certainly a consolation prize, if you like.

Check out French Roulette today, and remember, if you are planning on placing colour bets, you should stay away from European and American Roulette, opting to play French instead.

Click the Play Now button to begin playing right away, and see how this exciting game can revolutionise your Roulette Casino experience.

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