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Draw High Low

Draw High Low Table Game Review

Draw High Low is an action-packed game of chance, where you have the ability to use your guesswork skills to determine the next card from the deck! It’s simple, fun, and can offer BIG rewards when you pick correctly, so it’s a game well-worth checking out!

Now, one of the first things to point out, is that just because you’re not already familiar with Draw High Low, doesn’t mean you should instantly dismiss the idea of playing it.

Sure… it can seem a little confusing at first… and some players will prefer games that already know their way around…

But one of the best things about Draw High Low, is that it offers an experience which is unlike any other game you’re familiar with…

And the fact you can play it only, makes it a really good alternative to many of the conventional games you see all over the place.

How To Play:

When you log on to the Draw High Low screen, you’ll see what looks to be a Roulette table – simply select the bet size you wish to place, put your chip on the felt, and press start!

A card will then be drawn, and you have the ability to select either ‘Low’, or ‘High’.

In short, the next card drawn will either be higher or lower than the current card, and if you pick correct, you win!

(If the next card out is a tie, you lose the hand).

The amount you win depends on the probability of the next card, so for instance, if the first card dealt was a 4, there is obviously a much higher chance of the second card drawn being a 5 or higher. IF you were to go below 4, and predict the next card would be an Ace, 2, or 3, you would receive a LOT more money than had you gone the other way (higher).

Ways of Betting

Once you’ve placed your stake and the game has begun, you have three options. You can either select the lower option, the higher option, or the cash out option.

If you pick lower or higher correctly, you’ll win the corresponding amount, and you’ll be able to begin playing the next hand – if however, you press cash out, you will be returned a smaller portion of your stake, in return for the hand ending there and then.

For instance, if the first card out was a 7, it’s a 50:50 chance of whether the next card will be higher or lower, so here, your best bet would be to cash out and take the small loss, in order to avoid gambling ALL your stake.


You’re paid out dependant on probability, like mentioned.

For example, an actual example is where there is a 4 out on the board. The casino offers you 4/1 if you choose lower, and 1.30/1 if you decide to go higher.

As the card will almost always be higher than a 4, while the amounts might not be massive, it’s easy to see how you can build up a nice little bankroll on this game… and while having a great laugh!

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