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Crown and Anchor

Crown and Anchor Table Game Review

A traditional dice game, originally created (and played) by sailors in the Royal Navy, Crown and Anchor has risen from the depths of the casino world, and is beginning to make an appearance in online casinos around the world.

While it’s taken nearly 200 years to gain any traction with players, as a fun, exciting, and very unique game, it’s just what many players are looking for; something different!

How To Play

Like many casino games, you are playing directly against the dealer - known as the bank. Your screen will display a canvas containing six different symbols. The four outer symbols are the playing card suits, while the two inner symbols include; fittingly, a Crown and an Anchor.

As the player, you simply place a wager on one or more of the symbols on the board, and then watch as three dice are thrown. If a symbol you have wagered money on appears on one or more on the three dice, then the bank will pay you out accordingly, dependent on how many dice show your symbol.

Once all three dice have been rolled and the payouts have been settled, the play is over, and you are free to start a new game.

As you can see, it’s incredibly easy and simple to play, and one of the main reasons why so many players are enjoying this new casino table game, is simply due to the fact that it’s quick and skill free.

For example, many Blackjack and Roulette players enjoy the games, but find it stressful and time-consuming to sort out the bets and play along with the in-game actions.

When playing the Crown and Anchor game, none of this is needed, as it is simply a case of placing your bets and watching the dice roll.


The payout structure is also incredibly simple to get your head around, and while you are unlikely to walk away rich, it is possible to build a slow and steady profit by playing consistently and sticking to your chosen symbol.

The payouts are as followed:

If one of the dice shows your symbol, your stake would be paid out at even money.

If the dice rolled contained two of your symbols, you would be paid out at 2/1, and if all three of the dice showed your symbol, you would be paid out at 3/1.

This might not be the best payout-structure in the world, but it’s not often you miss your symbol completely, so it’s a game well-worth checking out!

You are unlikely to find Crown and Anchor in any land-based casino in the UK, although some smaller gaming rooms may feature a similar version of their own.

For this reason, it’s best to play online, where not only can you do away with having to roll the dice yourself, but you also play on your own, eliminating other players from getting in the way and making things confusing.

Click the button above to try out Crown and Anchor for yourself, and see if your symbol lands enough time for you to make a profit!

Remember, as one of the simplest casino table games ever made, it’s a great game to have a quick flutter on, and if you’re in a rush you can play a hand in just a few seconds!

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