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Casino Hold'em

Casino Hold'em Table Game Review

Casino Hold’ Em is a popular casino game, first developed in London by Stephen Au-Yeung.

Originally meant as a tool to help train dealers in dealing the multi-player Poker variety, it soon caught on, and went on to become a worldwide hit, with casinos all over the world offering it to players.

The general aim of the game is to create the best 5-card Poker hand possible, playing against the dealer. In casinos you’d play with other players (although you don’t compete against each other, merely against the dealer), but when you play online, you enjoy the speed and hassle-free experience of not having to wait on other players to make their turns.

How To Play

The game is dealt with a 52-card deck, and you will need to begin by making what’s known as a ‘Ante’ bet. You also have the option of placing an AA bonus side bet.

Once you click deal, you will be dealt two cards, and the dealer will also deal himself two cards. All the cards are currently face down.

There are also three cards dealt into the middle of the table, which become known as the community cards.

Once you’ve received your cards, you may then look at your hand, at which point you can make one of two choices:

The first is to fold, if you don’t think your hand is strong. You will lose your ante bet, but won’t be subject to any further loss.

The second choice is to call, which requires you to place another wager of double your ante bet.

Once you’ve decided what you want to do, the dealer will deal another two cards into the community section, giving you 7 cards to make the best hand from.

It then goes to what is known as the ‘showdown’, and you will compare your hand against the dealers to determine who wins.

Odds, Rules, and Payouts

The dealer must hold a pair of 4s or better in his hand in order to qualify. If he doesn’t, regardless whet your hand is, the call bet will be a push, and the Ante bet will be paid out according to the Ante win payout structure.

If the dealer does qualify, but you manage to beat him, the Ante bet, again, pays out dependant on the payout structure, while the Call bet pays out at even money, or 1/1.

If the dealer qualifies and beats your hand, you lose your stake, and the game ends there.

Ties are always pushes, and although it’s very rare you’ll hold the same strength of hand, your wager will be returned in full if this happens.

All casinos feature different payout structures for the Ante bet, but in general, anything less than a flush will pay out 1/1, a flush 2/1, a full house 3/1, 4-of-a-kind 10/1, a straight flush 20/1, and a Royal Flush at 100/1.

As you can see, there are some big prizes available if you’re on a lucky run, and what’s great about Casino Hold’ Em is that money doesn’t get eaten up quickly if you’re not doing too well!

So… go and check it out today, and see how your luck fares!

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