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Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker Table Game Review

The Caribbean Poker game is a form of stud Poker. Like all Poker video games, the idea is to make the highest possible hand.

The main difference between Casino versions, and the Poker you would play against other players, is that you compete against the house or the dealer, instead.

If you’re not familiar with Poker rankings, you’ll want to brush up on them before playing this game, as the general ethos of the game is to try and get a better Poker hand than the dealer. Note, the Poker hands are the Texas Hold’ Em variety, so ignore Omaha or anything like that.

Naturally, as you’re trying to beat the dealer, if your hand is higher than that of the dealer, you win.

How To Play

First, begin by placing your bets. You will then be dealt 5 cards, with the dealer also receiving 5 cards – one of which is face up.

Once you have your cards, you will be able to evaluate them, and decide whether you have a good hand, or a bad one.

If you think your hand is strong, you’d place another bet, called the play bet, whereas if you think your hand is weak, you’d fold, thus ending the game and forfeiting your stake.

Once you’ve decided whether you want to play your hand or not, the dealer reveals his cards, and your hand is compared against his to determine who wins.

If your hand is stronger than the dealers, you win – it’s that simple!

Things To Remember

There are few aspects you need to remember while playing Caribbean Poker:

First, you can only play one hand. This is to ensure you don’t get an unfair advantage by knowing which cards the dealer can’t have.

If the dealer does not have at least Ace-King high, the play stops and the ante is returned back to you.


The better your hand, in terms of traditional Poker rankings, the more you will win. However; if you don’t decide to bet on the ‘Play’ box, you will not win.

Payouts vary dependant on which site you game at, but in general, you’ll want to be aiming to hit the Royal Flush, and the straight flushed, wish usually pay around 250/1 and 100/1 respectively.

What’s great about Caribbean Stud Poker is that both new and experienced gamers can enjoy the game from the Internet, and there’s no hassle of dealing with other players, or having to wait for them to complete their turn!

It’s instant, and you can begin playing right away simply by clicking the button below!

With big payouts on offer, and the opportunity to acquire life-changing sums of money if you choose to play casino-specific jackpots, there’s never been a better time to play, so what are you waiting for!

Click "Play Now", and enjoy Caribbean Stud Poker right away! Remember, it’s a lot easier to pick up than you probably think, and with big payouts on offer, there’s never been a better time to play, so click below right away!

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