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Carribean Poker

Carribean Poker Table Game Review

Caribbean Poker – an ideology that makes you lust over vast, sandy beaches in the tropics, while being served cocktails and enjoying a casual game of cards…

OK, so an Internet casino can’t give you exactly that… (but it CAN give you the chance to earn enough money to go away!).

Jokes aside, Caribbean Poker is a popular Poker-themed casino game, although you play against the house (casino) as opposed to other players.

Also known as Caribbean Stud Poker, the aim of the game is to make the best Poker-hand possible, and payouts are scaled dependant on the quality and strength of your hand.

The Basics

As soon as you open a table up, you’ll notice a few different boxes. The one you’ll need to pay attention to right away, is the “Ante” box, as this is where your main bet is placed.

You’ll also notice a “Progressive” box, which is smaller – this is where you place a side bet, which offers substantial returns if you’re lucky enough to hit one of the top-four hands.

Once you’ve selected how much you want to stake on the ante-bet, simply press ‘deal’, and you will be dealt 5 cards. Yours will be face up.

The dealer is also dealt 5 cards, but only one of his is turned up.

Your decision here, is fairly easy;

Do you have a good hand, according to the traditional Poker rankings?

If you don’t, then you’ll want to fold your hand in most situations. This loses you your initial stake and any side-bet, but means you don’t need to wager any more money in order to continue playing.

If you DO have a good hand, and believe you have a chance of beating the dealer (although it’s largely speculation at this point, as only one of his cards is showing), you will need to place an additional bet to continue.

This wager needs to be placed in the “Bet” box, next to the “Ante” box, and the amount is twice that of your ante bet.

For instance, if your ante bet was £10, you’d need to place £20 in the “Bet” box to continue. (Online, it’s all automatic, so you don’t need to worry about choosing the right amounts – the software does it all for you!)

Once you’ve made the decision to play the “Bet”, the dealer will then reveal his entire hand.

However, the dealer doesn’t qualify if he has less than Ace, King high.

This means, if he doesn’t have a pair or better, he must hold an ace and a king in his hand in order to qualify.

If he doesn’t qualify, you don’t lose, but it does limit the payout you receive slightly.

If his hand DOES qualify… and if you beat his hand…

He will pay you out as listed in the ‘payout’ section below.


The ante bet you placed pays out at 1/1, no matter what your hand.

This is also the case if the dealer doesn’t qualify.

It’s the “Bet” box that really gets profitable.

A singular pair pays 1/1, a two-pair pays 2/1, a three-of-a-kind pays 3/1, and a straight pays 4/1.

A flush and full-house pay 5/1 and 7/1 respectively, and it’s the hands after this point that you can win big money on.

Four-of-a-kind pays a generous 20/1…

A straight flush pays 50/1…

And if you’re lucky enough to hit the crème de la crème – the Royal Flush – your “Bet” box will be paid out at a whopping 100/1.

Now, if you decided to place a wager on the “Progressive Side Bet” box, you will be paid a percentage of a jackpot total if you have a four-of-a-kind, straight flush, or Royal Flush.

The exact payouts differ from casino to casino, but in general, a Royal Flush will win you tens of thousands of pounds (often more) so it can be a good idea to play it, if your bankroll allows it!

That’s really all there is too it!

If you want to enjoy a game of Poker, but don’t want to deal with the hassles with playing with other players, Caribbean Poker is the game for you!

It’s simple to pick up, fun to play, and with astonishingly large payouts on offer, there’s no reason not to play!

Click below to try it out, and see if you can hit the Royal Flush!

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