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Baccarat Pro

Baccarat Pro Table Game Review

Baccarat is a game you may know from classic films, like the James Bond franchise.

But… while this game used to be exclusive to the high rollers and Las Vegas punters, it is now widely available over the Internet and in European casinos for you to enjoy.

Many players think that Baccarat is a tough game to get the hang of, but it is actually incredibly simple, and Baccarat Pro features just like regular Baccarat, with the addition of higher table limits and more flexibility over the amount of money you wager each game.

How To Play

It’s incredibly simple, and as a player, you will receive two cards. (Occasionally, some Baccarat Pro variations will offer three cards, but this guide focuses purely on the two card variation.).

The dealer will also receive two cards, and after the cards of all been dealt, the combined total of your hand versus the dealer’s hand is compared to determine a winner.

Whoever has a hand totalling close to 9 wins, with hands of equal value resulting in a tie, meaning you get your full stake back.

Now as you can probably imagine, it’s very rare that you get two cards which total 9 or below, and you are allowed to draw a third card if your hand contains a 10 or higher value – this includes Jack’s, Queens, and kings.

For example, if your first two cards were a King and a 3, the king would be cancelled out, and your score would be 3 – you can then draw a third card hoping to get a six or below, and if you don’t, then it is once again cancelled out.

In this example, if you drew a third card and received another king, your total would be 3 – if you drew an 8 however, your total would be 1.

It sounds a little complex, but play a few hands and you’ll get the full grips of the game in a matter of minutes!

How To Bet

Baccarat Pro offers three betting options, the first of which is called the player bet. Like Blackjack, this is where you place a bet on your own hand winning, and simply if your hand wins, so does your bet.

What is really interesting about Baccarat pro however, is that you can also bet on the dealer’s hand – this is exactly the same as betting on the player hand, except you’re wanting the dealer to win instead of you.

You can also bet on a tie, which pays out if you and the dealer share the same value of hand.


If you bet on the winning player hand, you will be paid out at 1/1, otherwise known as even money.

If you choose to bet on the dealer hand – known as ‘The Bank’, you will also be paid out at 1/1, but will also be charged a small fee by the casino, which mean you end up being paid at 19/20.

If you decided to be brave and place a bet on the tie result, you will be paid out at a lucrative 9/1, assuming the total value of your hand and the dealers is exactly the same.

So go ahead… Check out Baccarat Pro today, and see if you can figure out who you’ll be backing.

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