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American Roulette

American Roulette Table Game Review

American Roulette is a popular form of the world renowned casino table game, Roulette. If you are based in the UK or Europe, chances are you won’t be familiar with American Roulette, so if you’re looking to play it is, note the key differences between the games.

In fact, there is just one main difference, but it makes a large impact to how much you can win gaming on American Roulette, and as you will soon discover, if you have other variations of Roulette available to you, you are probably better off playing them.

How To Play

American Roulette plays out almost identically to other forms of Roulette, and all of the same bets and numbers are available.

You can choose to bet straight up on specific numbers, on colours, or on certain neighbour parts of the wheel – the choice is yours, and you simply place chips on the numbers or sections you want to back, and click spin.

No so different you say…

Well... the real difference lies with one key number – the double zero.

In European, French, and most other forms of Roulette you will find online, the wheel itself will contain 36 numbers + 0.

The American Roulette still contains 36 numbers, but instead of just being one zero slot, there are two – the second is known as the double-zero, and this extra number actually increases the house edge quite significantly.

In fact, it might surprise you to learn the house edge increases by about 5.25% – a pretty astonishing number, especially if you are a regular player of the game!

That’s why, when possible, you should always play European or French Roulette, especially if you’re betting on colours and sections as opposed to individual numbers.

How to bet

Placing bets while playing American Roulette is identical to playing other wheels, and if you’re playing online, all you need to do is select the chip denominations that you wish to use and place them on the board.

After that, it’s simply a case of clicking the spin button, watching the wheel spin, and crossing your fingers.

It is also worth noting that you can access the neighbour bets through a link, which usually hovers around the Roulette wheel itself.


Unfortunately, the added double-zero doesn’t change the odds in your favour, and you will still be paid out at 35/1 if you are betting on singular numbers.

Colours and other even money bets pay out at 1/1, and the third bets pay out at 2/1.

As you can see, there are very few differences whatsoever and the gameplay is played out identically.

In all honesty, there isn’t really much of a reason you would want to play American Roulette, unless it’s the only game available to you. This is an issue some American players run into, as they cannot access casinos online websites that offer European French versions – if you can, try to avoid this variation as the house edge increases too much to justify the gaming experience.

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