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3 Card Rummy

3 Card Rummy Table Game Review

3 Card Rummy, more commonly known as Three 3 Card Rummy, is an online casino table game available to play in many online casinos.

It’s a game that not many players are familiar with, but it’s fast rising in popularity, and with big payouts on offer for lucky users, it’s definitely a game you should be considering playing.

3 Card Rummy is incredibly simple to pick up, and the game is played with a 52 card deck. Both you and the dealer are dealt three cards, and your goal is simple; your hand must total a lesser value than that of the dealer – then you win!

Each card dealt is worth a specific value, and you can see a table below of what each card is worth.

You are also awarded payouts dependant on the type of hand you manage to play, and the end of this post goes into more detail about the specifics.

How To Bet

Dependent on which online casino you choose to game with, you will notice a variety of bet options available to you. The first is called the ante-bet, and this is the bet that must be played in order to begin the hand.

There is then a raise bet, which can be used to double your bet when you have a good hand, and there is also an optional bonus bet, offered by certain casinos, which pays out when your hand totals 12 points or less.

It’s also worth noting that the dealer’s hand value must be at least 20 points or less for them to qualify – if they fail to do so, both your ante-and raise bets are returned, and you win even more – see the payout section below for more details.

Winning Hand Values

3 Card Rummy typically follows the style of most other casino-based card games, with all of the cards 2 through 10 being worth face value. The Jack, Queen, and 10 are each worth 10 points, and the ace is worth one point.

To calculate the payouts, hands are also ranked.

Any pair equals zero points, any triple equals zero points, any two cards suited run equals zero points, any three cards suited run equals zero points, and ace king is not classified as a sort run.


This is where it gets a bit confusing, but you’ll want to stay focused as this is where the money can be won!

If your score is zero – look back at the card values – your bet will be paid out at 1:1.

If your cards total between one through five, you will be paid out at 2:1. If your cards and up to between 6 through 19, you will be given an even money payout, or in other words, 1:1.

If you and the dealer both tie your hands, your bet will be returned and the hand is deemed a push.

If you have decided to play the bonus bet, you will be paid out on the following:

  • A, 2, 3 – a suited run – pays out at a whopping 100:1.
  • A score of zero pays out at 25:1
  • A score of one-six pays out at 2:1
  • A score of seven – 10 pays out at 1:1
  • A score of 11 – 12 pays out at fall: one

As you can see there are many benefits to playing the bonus bet, and so long as your gaming at a casino that actually offers it (not all do), you should definitely check it out if it’s available to you.

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