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21 Burn Blackjack

21 Burn Blackjack Table Game Review

21 Burn Blackjack is a popular Blackjack variant which has been produced and created by Betsoft, one of the leading providers of online casino games and software.

Like the name would suggest, the game features very similarly to traditional Blackjack, with the additional bonus that you are allowed to burn your second card, in exchange for another.

For example, if your first card was a King, and the second card was a 6, you could get rid of the 6 with the hopes of making a better hand, and getting a better chance of beating the dealer!

In order to do so, you need to wager half your original stake.

How To Play:

Like regular Blackjack, simply select the number of hands you want to play (up to 3), choose the amount you wish to stake per hand, and press deal!

Your first two cards will then be dealt, and if you don’t like your second one, you simply click the ‘clear’ button, and you will receive another.

You can then choose to split, double, hit, or stand, just like you would in a regular Blackjack game, and this added addition to the game ensures you can have a more fulfilling gaming experience – with more control!

What’s great about playing 21 Burn Blackjack online is that you can enjoy the luxury of playing 1… 2… or 3 hands at once, and each hand gives you the same options to burn your second card, if you wish.

You can also play side-bets on your hands, being able to choose to play ALL of them, or just 1 or 2… the choice is yours!


The payouts in 21 Burn Blackjack aren’t quite as handsome as you’d find at a normal Blackjack table, but with the added bonuses attached, that’s hardly surprising.

If you win the hand, as normal, you’ll be paid out at 1:1 on your stake, with Blackjack also paying 1:1.

There is ALSO the option to play the ‘Burn Bet’, which is a small side bet on which card comes out as the burn card. The ace of spades pays 7:1, all aces pay 2:1, and all other cards counts as a loss. This is one of the worst-odds side-bets in any Blackjack game, so it’s recommended you stay well clear, and instead focus on the main game (which can) be VERY profitable!

Of course, while the Burn bet is a very negative EV bet view to play, it can be one of those bets you play every now and again in order to try and get lucky – just don’t make a habit of it, because the casino edge is so great that you would typically lose a lot faster than you would on other online variations.

So what are you waiting for…?

Go and check out this incredibly unique version of Blackjack today, and take some time to familiarise yourself with the way it works – it should only take a few minutes, and once he got the hang of it you will be out to enjoy gaming experience you’ve probably never enjoyed before, with any luck is going to be your lucky day – so don’t delay – click the button below to begin playing right now!

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