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Craps - Pros & Cons

Craps is one of the oldest casino games in existence, and if you've ever seen one of the classic Bond films, where players all crowded around the table, cheering the dealer on, then you probably already know what the game looks like, even if it's subconsciously!

Despite its glorified image, however, the game itself is also highly enjoyable for players, and it is renowned as being one of the lowest house edge casino games in existence, essentially meaning that casinos don't stand to make much money by offering the game.

Like all casino games however, Craps has its upsides and downsides, and in this article, we're going to look at some of the pros and the cons of playing the game online.

Craps: Pros

While playing online, undoubtedly the biggest benefit of Craps is the simplified and hectic-free gameplay in which you'll find yourself.

In a land-based casino, the table is often conveyed on by up to 20 players at once, and when you consider the huge number of betting options available, it's not hard to see why many players dislike the idea of playing craps in a real casino – it's hectic, to say the least.

Playing online, everything is done in your own time; there's no rush whatsoever, and you won't feel any pressure to 'hurry up' - a common complaint of experienced players who simply want to get on with the game as quickly as possible.

The game is also a lot quicker online, and everything from the gameplay, to the time in which it takes for your winnings to be paid, out is cut from minutes, to seconds, ensuring that you're not waiting around for ages like you would be in a real casino.

Craps: Cons

One of the major downsides of playing craps - and this really only applies to the online variations -is, at its core, the game is a sociable one, meant for rowdy laughter, and drunkenness.

Playing online removes the social element from the game, and while this does increase the speed at which the game progresses, a noticeable lack of human interaction is clearly visible.

Other than that however, there are really very few downsides to playing craps online, with perhaps the only other irritating thing you may encounter being the fact that it's not offered at all online casinos, due to the relatively small profits it brings in for the casino.

Still, if you've never played craps before, we thoroughly recommend you at least give it a shot, because it's a great game, and - despite being confusing initially – it's very easy to play once you got the hang of it.

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