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Craps - How to Play

Craps is likely a game you’ve heard about, but haven’t played… and the reasoning behind this is simple; while it’s a popular game, it 1) offers a low profit to the casinos due to its low house-edge, and 2), in land-based-casinos, it takes up a lot of space for just one table, and requires 3-4 staff members to run it at any one time…

And that’s quite a lot of manpower! Thankfully, however, online casinos have revolutionised the way in which we gamble, and now, Craps requires no dealers… no table-space… nothing like that…

Simple load up the game from your computer, and you’re good to go! In this post, we’re going to look at how to play Craps, detailing some of the basic rules and bets you can place.

Getting Started

At its most bare, Craps is nothing more than a game of chance, involving dice. You simply place a wager on what you believe the result of the next dice roll will be, and as is the case with all casino games, if you’re correct, you win – if not, you lose.

To begin with, there are only two bets you’ll find yourself able to place at the craps table; pass line, and don’t pass line.

These are essentially even money bets, that payout at one/one. Now, the reason only these bets are available is because until a number is set – which is done by the shooter (the person rolling the dice), there is nothing to really bet on, and these two bets are basically equivalent to betting on black or red in roulette.

Now, once the dice are rolled, if the value of the dice equals two or 12, the game is over, and this is known as 'crapping outside'… and when this happens, the game stops.

Now, had you wagered money on the 'Do not Pass' bet, you would instantly win double your money. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, however, then the game ends, with players that gambled on the 'Pass' bet winning cash.

If the dice thrown equal any other value, i.e. 5, 4, 6, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then a point is made, and it is that point that becomes a crucial core of the remainder of the round.

After the numbers set, many more betting types become available to bet on, and play continues until a seven is rolled – this is the number players don’t want to see, as it ends the round and loses all bets (with the exception of any bets specifically predicting a seven be rolled.)

A number of betting options exist, including lay bets – where you place money on specific numbers coming in – and some of the online craps games offer side bet options, which sees things like betting on consecutive numbers coming up and so forth.

It might sound confusing, and craps does take a little while to get your head around – but once you understand how it works, you will never look back, so make sure you go and try it for yourself, today!

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