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Craps Online Casino Game

Craps is – somewhat speaking – a fairly universal game, and the vast majority of craps games will play out in a similar fashion, no matter what country, website, or casino you choose to play in/out.

There do, however, exist a few different ways in which the game can be played, and one of the most notable, is the question of whether or not a shooter will be picked from players, or whether it is a casino employee.

Now obviously, this only applies to land-based casino gaming, and wouldn’t affect the online variant whatsoever, but in craps, it’s tradition for a player to be the one who rolls the dice – this can be seen in many old-fashioned films, where whole groups of players and their friends crowd round the table chairing the shooter Ron, and you probably don’t have to dig too deep into your mind to picture the kind of scene where talking about here.

Now, choosing the shooter would often be determined by a random game of chance… something like dealing all players card, with the highest card holder becoming the shooter… but in recent years, due to increased security, and a drop in popularity of the game, it seems many casinos are choosing to kit out one of their crew peers as the shooter, which is something that – a large majority of traditional craps players – would disapprove of. Having said that, of course this is not an issue at online casinos, and should you decide to play online, it is all fully automatic; you just press a button.

Now, another thing you’ll need to look out for, when playing Craps, is the table limits; some Craps games offer substantially higher minimums than others, and if you’re playing on a budget, or simply don’t want to spend a fortune on the game, you’ll want to try and find a variant with a small bet minimum – perhaps £0.10, or £0.20.

This is because the betting rounds can get expensive, especially if a 7 is rolled back-to-back, or quite a few times in a row, and it’s worth nothing that NetEntertainment’s Craps game is quite good for limits, as it allows you to play from just £0.50 a spin!

No matter the game you play, remember that you can always try the game’s first in “Demo Play” mode, which allows you to play for free – so it can be well-worth checking this out!

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