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Caribbean Stud - Type of Game

There are two main variations of Caribbean Stud Poker, alongside a vast selection of side bets, and first we look at the two main game types:

  • UK Caribbean Stud Poker - remaining largely the same as conventional Caribbean Stud Poker, UK Caribbean Stud Poker’s only actual difference is that the payout odds are worse, due to the fact the game was developed land-based casinos, which, of course, have larger overheads, thus getting away with making their games more profitable.
  • Oasis Poker – Oasis Poker is commonly found at online casinos, and while the game is relatively similar to Caribbean Stud, it gives players the chance to exchange one, two, three, four, or even all five of their cards, after the initial deal, if they’re not happy with what they’ve been dealt.

Swapping one card requires you to place an additional wager, equal to 100% of your main anti-bet, while two cards costs 200%, three cards 300%, and so on.

Caribbean Stud Poker: Side Bets

Side bets are what makes Caribbean Stud Poker so attractive, and just like 3 card Poker, it’s the side bets that offer the biggest wind potential, for players. Below, we look at two of the most popular side bets available:

  • Bonus Bet – This is definitely the most popular form of side bet you’ll find at Caribbean Stud tables, and it plays out much in the same way that the pairs plus bet does in three card Poker. This side bet pays if you manage to make a 3-of-a-kind or higher, and while the exact payouts differ from casino to casino, you’ll generally find that straight and royal flushes paid very handsomely, often as high as 1000X!
  • Super Power - Super Power isn’t one of the most common bets you’ll find, and is generally worth avoiding, as the house edge on this side bet is a whopping 25.33%. However, it can be fun to play now and then, and by betting on it, you will be paid out at 20/1 in the event both the player hand and dealer hand contained better than three-of-a-kind.

Generally, it’s only advised to play the Bonus Bet side bet, as this is the only one that really warrants any merit, although if you’re playing the odd recreational game, then an additional lucky bet doesn’t hurt – just make sure you don’t get too carried away, as the side bets are generally weighted heavily in the casino’s favour.

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