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Blackjack - Pros & Cons

Blackjack is a very simple game to understand, and while it may seem a little intimidating at first, most players can generally get the hang of it within just a few minutes. by following a few basic strategy rules yourself, you can massively improve your chances of winning… so make sure you’re paying close attention!

In its most simplified form, Blackjack is nothing more than you versus the dealer. You are both dealt cards and whoever manages to get the total of their cards closer to 21 is the winner – sounds simple enough, right? In some ways, yes…

But as with any game, there exist a number of pros, and cons, both of which we’ll look at in the following post.

Blackjack: The Pros

Perhaps one of the biggest (and most appealing) benefits of Blackjack, is the fact that such a wide and varied range of games are available, and this is seen even more prominently online. Rather than being stuck with the traditional Blackjack you would find at your local casino playing online, you will find numerous different variations of the classic card game.

We covered some of the different Blackjack variations in our side bet article. Some of the most common include Blackjack Perfect Pairs, Blackjack Atlantic City, Blackjack Double Exposure, Blackjack Switch, and Single Deck Blackjack.

The game variety itself is great – but perhaps an even bigger benefit of playing Blackjack is the fact that it’s one of the lowest house edge games found within a casino. And if you’re not familiar with the house edge is, it’s basically the percentage that a casino can expect to profit from the game over the course of a year or more.

For example, roulette and video slots have fairly large house edges as they are quite volatile games – Blackjack on the other hand, when played perfectly, can offer a house edge as low as 1%… a very attractive figure to most players!

Blackjack: The Cons

It’s actually quite hard to find any real faults with Blackjack, and perhaps the most common grievance is that payouts are relatively low.

Unless you choose to place wagers on side bets – which aren’t available on every game – you generally won’t be winning anything more than even money, except for the times when you actually make a Blackjack stop.

Perhaps another notable downside is that the game can get a little boring, especially after playing it for a long periods of time – this, however, can usually be resolved by simply mixing up your play and ensuring you try accommodation of different variations.

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