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Baccarat - How To Play

Baccarat is relatively easy to understand, and if you have ever played blackjack before, then you will have already experienced many of the traits found within Baccarat; in fact, you will already possess all of the skills needed in order to play…

And that’s because Baccarat is incredibly easy, simple, and relaxing to play – and it really is one of the hidden gems of the Internet gambling world today.

In this post, we are going to look at the basics of playing, with a short guide on exactly how to play starting… well, right now!

To begin Playing with Baccarat, you first need to decide how much you want to bet. Once you’ve chosen your amount, choose whether you want to place a bet on the banker, the player, or the tie boxes.

Baccarat is unique in the fact that you can bet on your own hand winning – or that of the dealers (the banker bet) and then of course, the tie bet pays when both you and the dealer tie the hand.

Once you are happy with your stake, simply press the deal button, and once the hand has begun, the dealer will deal both you and him two cards. The objective of Baccarat is to try and make your hand total as close nine as possible.

All cards use a Points-based system to determine their value, and under this sentence, you will find a table of the points-values assigned to all cards.

Now, the exact actions the dealer takes – and, if you’re playing Punto Banco, the actions you’re forced to take by the game rules – vary quite significantly between different casinos, and different game variations. In general however, you don’t want to take any more cards when you have seven or above, and thanks to the fact the dealer must stick to very harsh rules, even when you have a poor hand, you still stand a good chance of winning.

Baccarat: Payouts

If you choose to bet on your own hand, and win, you will be paid out at even money – or, in other words, one/one.

If you have opted to bet on the dealer (the bankers) hand, and you win, you are paid at 0.95/1, with the 0.05 percentile point acting as the casinos commission. If you bet on a tied hand and win, you will be paid out at either 8/1, or 9/1, depending on which rules the game adopts.

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